About Costeaux French Bakery Breads

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In 2009, our Ciabatta bread won Best of Show Professional French Bread with a proven track record as a versatile sandwich, dipping, and all around great accompaniment to any meal, any time of day.  Our Multigrain Batard won Best of Show for three consecutive years.  This bread is made with nine whole grains and a touch of molasses.  Its thick dark brown crust and moist interior - with an irregular hole structure due to the long fermentation - provides full flavor making it extremely enjoyable, not to mention healthy.   Our sourdough roll (also Best of Show in 1981) and our French country loaf won Best of Show Professional French Bread in 2007 and 2006, respectively. 

For more details on our impressive list of Double Gold and Gold wins please see AWARDS within the COMPANY section. 

Our Baking Process in Motion

The majority of our hand crafted breads take 24-48 hours to make.  At our Healdsburg bakery we start with small batches of dough.  After mixing, the dough rests on a table for a period of time. It is then divided, scaled (weighed), rounded, kneaded and hand formed into the desired shape.  The loaves then are retarded (kept in special refrigeration to slow down the process) for up to 48 hours. The loaf is then proofed (the dough rises or expands) for 1-6 hours and finally baked directly on the brick of our hearth oven. 

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Did You Know?

In Ancient Egypt bread was used as a form of currency.

Did you Know?

The word companion means “sharer of bread” dating to the days when large slices of bread were intended for two people seated together at the table.

Did you Know? 

Bread was so vital to people’s lives that it was subject to special laws.  During Medieval times it was common to hang a baker or two when bread went to famine prices.  Common enough that master bakers kept an assistant in case a victim was needed to satisfy the courts.