Bread Baking is Both an Art and a Craft

Bread is one of the oldest and most basic foods in the world and since the Neolithic era has been the centerpiece of the average person’s diet for centuries.  You might be surprised how little the bread baking process has changed over the years.

As Healdsburg’s first bakery, our sourdough and specialty breads are highly acclaimed in Sonoma County and beyond for a reason…they are still entirely hand formed in the ages-old traditional way.  We have been crafting world-class breads since the early 1920’s.  Decades later, we handcraft a variety of bread types each maintaining its own unique characteristics using basic ingredients – flour, water, salt and yeast, or our starters and pre-ferments.  Other ingredients such as eggs, nuts, raisins, fruit, sugars, spices and seeds are commonly incorporated as well.

It’s a sight to behold; the bakers kneading and skillfully making each loaf to ensure the proper shape and form.  To ensure the finest quality, our breads are made daily in small batches and baked in our hearth oven. Our sourdough starter is generations old, providing stability in our formulation process and giving Costeaux breads their own consistent unique flavor.

At Costeaux French Bakery we believe that bread is one of the most important parts of any meal.  Our breads come in many shapes and sizes ranging from individual dinner rolls to long slim baguettes.   The majority of our breads have very hard thick golden brown crusts like our pullapart (a favorite for Wine Country picnics) or French country loaf.  We do make soft breads for instance our potato roll - the quintessential choice for your holiday meal - our hamburger bun, and English muffin bread.

Whichever you choose, each of our breads has its special purpose for your dining pleasure while also adding to the aesthetic appeal to your table.

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Costeaux French Bakery - The Art of Bread Making