Bread Basics

Helpful hints on what’s what in bread and bread shapes:


Artisan bread refers to different types of bread that are prepared by a skilled baker and are hand crafted through each step of the process


French for "little stick" a baguette is a variety of breads distinguishable by its much greater length than width, and noted for its very crispy crust

Batard an irregular shaped loaf approximately half the length of a baguette and much wider sometime looking like a football


The French word boule means ball or round. Our boules, range in size and weight, each having a hearty texture, moist crumb, and varying flavor profiles.

Crust is the outer often harder (or in our case very crusty and crunch) part of the bread

Crumb refers to the inner part of the bread, usually soft, which is not to be confused with small bits of bread, called crumbs

Starter is a dough-like flour/water mixture.  Starter needs to be refreshed or “fed” by adding fresh flour and water. A starter can go weeks without needing to be fed when refrigerated.  Starters can be obtained by taking a piece of another starter (the method we have employed at Costeaux for decades) and growing it, or it can be made from scratch.  Our starter’s age gives it stability and strength contributing to the full flavor of our sourdough breads.

More on our accolades and recognition for world-class breads in our Company section.

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