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Product Offerings

Baguettes & Batards: Rustic (sourdough, whole wheat, rye), multigrain (9 grains - rye, cracked wheat, barley, corn, millet, oats, rye, triticale, brown rice, soy and flax seed, with molasses), sour, walnut, seeded (flax, sesame, poppy and sunflower), boules, Kalamata olive, sweet French

Sandwich Rolls: Sourdough, Dutch crunch, sweet French, Ciabatta, soft sweet, whole wheat,  hamburger buns*, hoagie rolls, seeded

Dinner Rolls: Potato, sourdough, rustic, walnut, multigrain, whole wheat, seeded, Kalamata olive, and Hawaiian and Dutch Crunch for wholesale orders

Danish & Muffins:, Croissants, pain chocolat, bear claws, cream cheese Danish and muffins

Breakfast items: Coffee wreaths (apricot, blackberry and apple), cinnamon bun coffee cake, frangipane (baked almond creme), cinnamon walnut bread, English muffin bread, whole wheat cranberry scones, morning buns (cinnamon and honey-laced croissant dough) and savory croissants (filled with ham and Gryere cheese, Dijon mustard and chives, or a vegetarian option featuring Kalamata olives, sun-dried tomatoes, thyme, garlic, rosemary and parmesan cheese) and apple streudel for wholesale orders

Specialty & Seasonal: Parisian sandwiches (Black Forest ham, Jarlsburg cheese, generous creamy butter on a sweet baguette), le Petit Baguette sandwich (prosciutto, Jarlsburg cheese, arugula and whole grain mustard), housemade pizza dough and sauce, brioche, challah, hot cross buns, panetone, bread pudding, bread sticks, crostini, poppyseed rum cake

"We felt as though we were at a sidewalk café in Paris with all the choices in breads and breakfast pastries – incredible!"     Guests from Portland, OR

Please visit our Signature Specialty Breads section for additional information.

See Special Order Breads and Payment for ordering details. House and Wholesale Account information is also available in the Company Policies section. 


*  Did you know E.E. Franz of  of Franz Bakery in collaboration with Yaw's Top Notch Restaurant, both in Portland, OR, invented the four-inch diameter hamburger bun in the late 1920s?  Though others are credited with creating a bread product to use for the first hamburgers known to the world, Franz is credited for inventing the hamburger bun in its current worldwide accepted form.  And Costeaux continues the tradition!

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