Signature Specialty Breads

Epi (epp-ee)

Shaped to look like sheaves of wheat in continuously attached form, this sourdough loaf makes a beautiful presentation (often the centerpiece of a table), and is delightfully moist


Attractive large round wheel of sourdough that breaks apart easily into 36 individual portions - no knife needed!

Ciabatta  (cha-BAT-ta)

Literally translated from Italian as “slipper” due to its long flat shape, our naturally fermented ciabatta has a crisp crust, a slightly sour flavor and moist porous crumb (interior)

Rustic French Country

Naturally fermented rustic loaf with a thick golden brown crust made of sourdough, whole wheat and rye available in a baguette, roll or batard.


A hearty crust and moist interior made from nine grains: cracked wheat, barley, corn, millet, oats, rye, triticale, brown rice, soya and flax seed with a hint of molasses

Walnut Sourdough Baguette

A beautiful purplish color originates from the walnuts themselves, although one would think we dropped a little cabernet into the mix!  Excellent paired with your favorite bleu cheese. This product is made on a limited basis.

Garlic Rosemary Crostini

A delightful combination of our sliced sourdough brushed with olive oil, mixed with garlic and rosemary and toasted.  An excellent accompaniment with our cheddar cheese and olive spread or Romesco sauce

Be sure to pick up a pint of our cheddar cheese and olive spread along with one of our world-class breads and a irresistible dessert before heading out to picnic in the Sonoma Wine Country


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Costeaux French Bakery Signature Specialty Breads