Charitable Request Guidelines

Throughout the bakery’s history, its owners have exemplified civic mindedness and community service. During our watch since the early 1980s, broad-based support has been provided to Sonoma County not-for-profit organizations and local business partners. We are pleased to be in the position to offer select in-kind products, gift certificates and, at times, cash donations. However, we receive hundreds of donation requests annually and cannot possibly accommodate all requests.

In order to consider a charitable donation to your organization or company, the request must be addressed to Costeaux French Bakery and typed or submitted in writing on letterhead stationary which is hand-delivered or mailed. We do not consider verbal, facsimile or email requests. Please include a description of your organization or business, the event name and date, charity or purpose for which the donation is designated and anticipated audience demographics if known. Please indicate whether or not contribution acknowledgements will be publicized and in what form such recognition will appear. Lastly, please give us your name and title, telephone number, postal and email addresses, and the date by which you hope to receive the contribution.

Please note the bakery makes the majority of its charitable contributions to local educational, cultural, and at-risk residents, with an emphasis on requests benefiting school children.

Thank you for your inquiry. We do what we can, when we can. We appreciate your interest in Costeaux French Bakery and your willingness to purchase our products when you can, as well!

The Seppi Family

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