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 In cooperation with Summerfield Cinemas (a Costeaux customer) a video was shot recently of our very own Christy Polley decorating a cake.  This video will be featured at Summerfield Cinemas as a trailer to their movies.   Its part of the cinemas’ community connection program.   You do NOT need sound.    Enjoy!
Great job Christy!
The Buzz

We just spent 3 days at the Beachcomber this past week, for our 52nd Anniversary, and we’d like to express our appreciation for the wonderful hospitality you showed to us!!  Your friendliness and helpfulness have been unmatched in any motel/inn in which we’ve stayed along the Coast for these many years we’ve been going there for “get-aways!”  Thank you.  We had a wonderful time – from the minute we arrived. Oh, yes, and we especially enjoyed the cinnamon walnut bread/toast included in the Continental Breakfast.  We will be buying a loaf or two occasionally when we are in Healdsburg (Costeaux Bakery)
Thank you for a delightful time!  

The wedding cake your pastry chef created was absolutely beautiful, and tasted even better than it looked!  :-)  We had so many compliments from our guests, and between the wedding and our brunch the next day, every piece of cake was eaten!  :-)  My husband loved his groom's cake.  The Chelsea Football logo design turned out better than I could have expected. Thank you again.

Forty-one years married and this was the best on the road breakfast ever!

I like that your chairs look like their made out of carmel!  (Special guest, age 7) 

Thank you for helping us – when we needed you the most – sort out our wedding plans from 5-tiered cake to the Breakfast Brunch. We had no idea where to start and your made it so simple.  Our rehearsal dinner at the Cafe was outstanding.  Our guests raved about everything.


For the Seppi Family and the Staff at Costeaux's Bakery -

Thank you for the many wonderful gastronomic delights I have enjoyed in the past year!!  I am slightly heavier, but significantly happier because of the wonderful treats and meals I have partaken in your wonderful establishment.   

Your entire Staff has been a real pleasure to do business with, and I look forward to their smiles every time I come in the door.  As is often said, "A happy worker is a productive worker."  From what I can tell, everyone seems like they are not stressing out while they work - their smiles expose their contentment.

Thank You a 1,000 times for your service to the community, and for being so friendly when I come in your business.

Thank You!

Benjamin Marchand


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Made with care by our bakers for the dog in your life.

Official taste testing completed by Maggie and Copper.

Ingredients: Enriched flour, water, salt, yeast, egg, bacon. (Net Wt. 16 oz)